32” x 48” felt board + 12” figures Deluxe Bible Set

$ 359.95

32” x 48” felt board with 12” figures 

Felt Board + Deluxe Bible Set

The Deluxe Bible Set is ordered through http://www.bettylukens.com/products/deluxe-bible-set). Benefit of ordering through JCM is all figures are pre-cut saving time and resources. The cost is the same whether ordering from Betty Lukens or us. 

Size: 32” x 48” felt board with 12” figures

Bible set key features:

  • Incorporate easily into your existing curriculum or used on its own. 
  • Encourages children to interact with the Bible story.
  • Holds the attention of even the most active children .
  • Stories in felt will be remembered for a lifetime.
  • Durable felt will last for years to come! 

Set includes:

  • 600 figures and objects including men, women, children, animals, scenery items, indoor and outdoor objects and many more
  • 3 Felt Boards - Water & Sky, Indoor, Nighttime Purple
  • 4 Felt Overlays - Shoreline, Desert, Hillside, Throne Room
  • File Organizing System
  • 182 Story Teaching Manual - Old & New Testament Stories
  • Extra Figures
  • 182 Coloring Pages & Activities on CD - ENGLISH ONLY

NOTE: This item will be hand-delivered by one of our JCM consultants. Should we not have a representative in the area within 2-4 weeks, we will ship and you will be invoiced for shipping. 

Images used from bettylukens.com

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